BEGINNING: Piece of bread gets dropped into the by someone (anonymous, unimportant person) toaster. Inside the toaster just black with the sound of the timer turning. Whooshing sound. Falls for a while until it reaches the “toastmaker”, a machine that converts bread into toast and also transforms the simple slice of bread into a character with arms and legs and eyes, and a name (only background information, you wouldn’t even know he has a name in the animation). His mouth only appears when he has to express an emotion.

MIDDLE: Being transformed into a toast character, he now starts walking and reaches POTS AND PLATES. A small “town” consisting of only plates and pots. The pots fly around and form formations (like birds or fish) and shapes. Maillard stares a while up at them, making shapes, spelling things and then they pic him up. He goes higher and higher until he gets dropped into a teacup full of butter. He enjoys this for a while, splashing and getting covered in butter. When he gets up, he slips and falls flat on his face (because of murphy’s law) and when he gets up he isn’t covered in butter anymore. He walks on and comes to an entire dam caused by the butter spilling. He shrugs and swims through it/hops into a cup/saucer/plate/jar and rows to the other side. On the other side he gets out on a beach made up entirely of Marmite bottles. He continues to walk on through marmite country until the road is blocked by a huge Marmite jar. Next to the Marmite jar there is a little bord saying that he should do a dance in order for the big marmite to move away. He dances and walks on, over hills and to the top of a mountain.

END: He stands on top of a cliff, and looks down over this whole world he has walked through. He sees everything and looks satisfied. Suddenly he gets snatched upward by an invisible force, his arms and legs just stay lying on the ground/disappears suddenly. He isn’t Maillard anymore, he is just a piece of toast. The toast shoots out of the toaster, someone catches it, puts on some butter and jam/marmite and eats it.

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