Backgrounds presentation


Creating backgrounds was much more fun than stressing about it. I have enjoyed it a lot so far, and I have really learnt A LOT. I was very stressed about it, and I’m usually quite early with doing work because I get very nervous about being late or just making a deadline by an hour, never mind ten minutes. I’m reaaaaaally grateful I am heading in the right direction. Something I mentioned in my “dear diary – what I have learnt” is that we aren’t supposed to get things perfect. We are supposed to still learn and make mistakes, and since I have fully realised this everything is much less tense.

Things I still have to work on in my backgrounds:

More – it should be fuller. Suggested objects: telephone wire, lights, like Las Vegas lights to suggest the element heating up, more spreads, Retro fish, chimneys, train, everything breakfast….

For the falling down part the toasting “machine” should have lots of cogs and turning things and depth.


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