NEW STORY -finally fixed.

The new story made by using lots of new, more “bread-ish” information


Bread gets put into a toaster. It falls and falls and falls through the air and then it falls into the ocean. A pipe sucks up the bread and the pipe says in big letters “MAILLARD PROCESS”. It goes in the pipe. Inside it is still just a slice of bread, no face or arms or legs. He lies on a kind of factory machine and just gets moved along with the machine. First he is lightly buttered. Then he gets flipped over. Burned with a bunsen burner type of flame and then moved along on the production table to the hospital. After he goes through the Maillard process, he first has to visit the bread hospital where the now toasted bread is wrapped  in bandages because of third degree burns. The bandages get removed and he now has a face and arms. He takes some spare parts (of the toaster) and puts them where his legs should be. He gets sprayed with “KEEPING CRUMBS” to ensure he doesn’t lose some crumbs along the way. When he starts to walk he looks up and is suddenly wearing a graduation cap and he has three scrolls in his hand and he reads a sign saying Congratulations, you have received your third degree, BA Burning. He leaves and throws his cap and scrolls in the air and walks along the road until he reaches a split in the road.


He has to choose between “Sandwitch road” with a picture of a witchy sandwich or “Butter-up”. He chooses to be “Buttered up” by the “Butter-up” route. The road starts of fine, he walks past little towns consisting of spreads. Like the first one he passes is MARMITE TOWN and he just walks on. He then passes peanut butter town, and here there are a lot of little peanuts wanting to greet him and take him there. He just shake his head and points to the buttery horizon. He keeps on walking up and up and up and then he slips and slides for a while on a extremely buttered road, until he falls down a cliff, face down into Nutella (Murphy’s law). He struggles to get up and gets pulled out by tribal buns. They stare at him and laughs at his shape. They tell him about their tribe and draw tribal pictures on a cave wall (just a very big hollowed out bread) after they picked little bottles of jam from a the ground (like potatoes). They make him dance around the fire (actually just a big bottle of jam) with them. A bun kisses him as part of the dances and leaves a small bite mark which is gone the next day when he wakes up in a cave. He wonders were all the buns have gone and starts looking for them inside the cave.


There are tribal bun drawings, so he knows they where really there. A big mould monster comes out of the dark and frightens him. Then the monster just laughs and walks away into another tunnel and points at Bun Island, in the distance. The buns wave goodbye from a distance. He starts  walking into the dark part and only his eyes are now visible. He accidentally falls down a hole in the ground and keeps on falling and shoots through the toaster and quickly gets gobbled up by either a dog or a person that just quickly butters it and eats it.


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