New elements to improve character and story


Toaster parts.

  • To use for the landscape in story
  • To make a pogo stick for toast to move around on
  • To make any kind of portable device for the toast to move around on- jetpack type thing, fins for in the ocean, things he picks up to use as arms and legs….(*help here please)
  • For other character?


Maillard reaction

  • gives him his new name.
  • Will be a place/machine/shop/”beauty parlour” more like barbershop type place. Just after he enters the “toast realm” as a slice of stale bread, he goes to this place and immediately becomes optimally toasted. He is now toast and now he can enjoy this foreign land. It’s kind of like customs for toast. He also doesn’t have a face or arms before he’s done with this process. When he comes out, his name is now Maillard and ready for adventure


Unrealistic and realistic other uses of toast

  • These help make the story more interesting. For example: the toast can soak up something. He can be a little burnt in the one corner and write something or draw something. He can use himself as a boat on the ocean. He can think back to days when he was used as a doorstop. or to fix a hole in a wall so that water won’t come through. As a painters’ pallet- a bigger slice of bread could use him. Bread is used to remove dust, so he can be the official cleaner, eventhough he possibly loses crumbs (don’t know how I feel about that yet). Getting married with a bun and having a crouton baby.
  • He could fly through the air as if on a magic carpet or as if he is a magic carpet.

Should the other characters rather be other types of bread? Or the same kind of bread but different?

I was thinking to rather make it other bread. Just a few buns – all of them look exactly the same, but still he falls in love with one. This one just has some eyelashes.


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