Improving my character and the story- please comment

Yesterday when I was starting to animate my better-walk-cycle and trying to give legs to a usual piece of toast, I realised I still have a lot of work and I’ll just start right away. I know I should have probably done this earlier, but it was only yesterday when I drew the wrong legs for my toastman (his name will be Maillard, named after the Maillard process when bread becomes toasted) again for the 1000th time that I realised maybe he should not have legs but move around another way. I am now busy trying to think wider.

I started by doing the give-ten-other-unusual-uses exercise. I did it first for bread and then for toast. Please feel free to comment other uses as well. Here it is:


  • bookmark
  • boat
  • to fill too big shoes
  • to build a edible tower
  • to stop a boat from leaking
  • to throw as a frisbee
  • use as buttons on a electronic device when the real ones fall off
  • to avoid being shocked by electricity
  • use as a paintbrush
  • in a poker machine instead of money, and toast comes out
  • as a plate
  • skateboard
  • flying mattress
  • really big bread could be a cushion
  • door stop
  • for picking up broken glass
  • gently cleaning dust off your precious oil paintings
  • safely removing splinters from your finger when soaked with milk and taped to your skin with a band-aid
  • bread is perfect for preventing grease fires
  • absorbing smelly odors
  • reducing the burnt flavor of your overcooked rice.
  • stale bread-to make croutons, homemade bread crumbs, or bread pudding.
  • In a nutshell: bread is awesome.



  • as a plate
  • as a painter’s pallet
  • as a hat
  • also to fix a wall
  • as wheels for a bicycle
  • also to soak up something that spilt
  • cut out and use as a friend
  • use as a fork
  • edible tiles in a room
  • burnt toast could be used to write/draw with, like charcoal
  • same as bread mostly

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